WATRA z Ameliówki, 

What remains are just the memories.........

 Today at 2 pm, on May 2nd 2003, Watra left us for good. Pity and sorrow break my heart apart. It was my beloved dog and her death hurt me very painfully.

All of us loved her. Watra warmed us up with her love, Watusia covered us with the warmth of her very being, Tusia laid down next to my legs, Waterka was full of joy of life and eagerness to please her Master. And now she is no longer with me, no longer……..

Farewell my beloved dog, I will remember you till the end of my days.

ZWINKA MOŚCIC z Ameliówki 

died 15.12.2003

ZWINKA Moscic Pedigree

OGNIK Moscic

21.07.1998 - 22.03.2005  

All the above titles were awarded to Ognik thanks to his earlier titles: 10xYouth Winner, 12xCACIB (each one from a different judge), 18xCWC, 3xCAC, 7xResCACIB. And also BIS of Youth in Wrocław 1999r, 2x BIS of Polish Breeds, BOB /plenty of times/, Best of Opposite Sex.


Free of displasia (A) and PRA

OGNIK – the grand grandson of CZEKAN, inherited the limited trust towards people. We are the only ones he loves – the family. He tolerates our friends, doesn`t like strangers so all the complements, caresses and hugs are received with dignity but they do not give him any pleasure! For us he is a teddy-bear, a pet, joy for eyes and heart. He is a very loving dog, extremely wise and faithful.

 OGNIK is a dog of perfect proportions, strong bone and wonderful head, gray and white with beautiful coat, 50 cm tall and as one of the judges said: he is a real PON.

 OGNIK is a stud dog, he is eager to match and does it without hesitation. His children are starting their show careers right now.  

Recuperating, jumping  OGNIK Mościc and beeig happy about it Ognik's master

Int.Ch, Ch.PL, Zw KL KRASKA Mościc 

05.04.1993 - 15.06.2007
Int.Ch, Ch.PL, Ch.CS CZEKAN Mościc
Int.Ch, Ch.PL, Ch.CS WATRA z Ameliówki
breeder & owner: Regina Szyszkowska

Int.Ch.,Ch.Pl, Mł.Ch.Pl, Zw.EU'03, Zw.PL'03, Zw.KL'05 RADOSNA Blusałka  

13.12.2000 - 10.11.2010

Sire: Int.Ch, Ch.PL, Zw.Św PREMIER Oligarchia FCI
Int.Ch, Ch.PL, Mł.Ch.PL HERBATKA Mościc  
Breeder: Ewa Dobrzyńska
Owner: Regina Szyszkowska

RADOSNA Blusalka 

IntCh  ChPL ChMł   ROKI MOŚCIC Agajax

12.04.1997 - 9.05.2011

sire: Int.Ch,Ch.PL ROKOSZ z Gangu Długich
dame: Ch.Pl, Mł.Ch.PL LUBASZKA WIGA Mościc

breeder: Krystyna Łukasiewicz
owner: Regina Szyszkowska

Int.Ch, ChPl, ChMł.PL HD-A PERŁA Mościc

13.06.1999 - 26.06.2012
Sire: Int.Ch, Ch.Pl, Mł.Ch.PL ROKI MOŚCIC Agajax
Int.Ch, Ch.Pl, Ch.CS WATRA z Ameliówki
Breeder & Owner: Regina Szyszkowska


Ch.PL, Mł.Ch.PL Pastuszek z Polanki PAPROTKA (Bajka)

born. 2007.04.01

sire: Int.Ch, Ch.PL,H, Cz,Ch of Ch'00, Mł.Ch.PL MAGNAT Lasy Wielgowskie
dame: Pastuszek z Polanki SAMANTA



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