Int.Ch,Ch.PL,CS, v-ceZw.Św, Zw.PL, Zw.Śr.Eu, 2X BIS
CZEKAN Mościc  


CZEKAN – the pride of our kennel was born the 1st of June 1984. His parents were: Ch IGOR z Zeriby and HARDA z Dobieszowic. I decided that if I were to have a puppy from that litter it had to be him /it couldn’t be the next bitch because ZADRA and HARDA were not getting on well/. And so it happened, because we did not manage to find a proper home for CZEKAN. He was a well built puppy with a wonderful character /like his mother/ and he grew up to be a beautiful dog of great heart and wisdom. For 13 years he was a devoted and faithful fellow , a guardian and protector and what is more he proved to be a remarkable show dog and ideal stud. In CZEKAN, all my dreams about dogs came true. He convinced me that I had made the proper choice as far as the breed was concerned.



 Mr Miroslaw Redlicki – a great expert of the breed described him as “ a dog of good height and structure, with strong male head, big black nose, broad forehead, strong muzzle, well marked stop – generally speaking a very beautiful head, good balance with the forequarters, straight, parallel  legs, very good angling, rough coat with good undercoat, strong character, well balanced. General impression : a very good dog in the type, valuable stud, should be used for breeding as often as possible”.

 Showing CZEKAN was a great pleasure to us. In the second year of his career as a show dog, after he had entered the open class, he won 6 out of 8 shows and received 7xCWC and 1x CACIB, 6xBOB, 6x Winner of the Show, 2nd in BIS in Krakow, 2nd in BIS and the title of the Best Dog of Polish Breeds at the International Show in Warsaw. It was in 1986. 

In 1987 – 6 shows; 4xCWC including one at the Club’s Show in Bydgoszcz /club’s shows were held every three years/, 3x Winner of the Show and Breed, CACIB, BIS in Czestochowa and registration of the Polish Champion..

1988 – 7 shows – 7xCWC, 2xCACIB, 1x resCACIB, 4xBOB, 1xBIS, Winner of Poland

1989 – 7 shows – only 2x CWC, but in Czechoslovakia and Austria he got 2x CACIB and fulfilled the requirements for the International Champion title.

1990 – 5 shows – 3xCWC, resCACIB at the World Dog Show in Brno, 3rd in the champion class at the Club’s Show in Bydgoszcz and the title of the Best Stud Dog

1991 – 2 shows – Brno – CAC, CACIB,BOB, the Winner of the Middle Europe and Brno, 2nd in the champion class in Poznan, CAC in Brno completes his Champion title in Czechoslovakia.

1992 – one show in Lublin  - CWC, Winner of the Show and Breed, BOG and vice-BIS

1993 – 2 shows – Club’s Show in Bydgoszcz – the Best Senior and Stud Dog, International Show in Warsaw – the Best Senior and together with his daughter WATRA – the Best Breeding Couple of the Day.

Czekan  proved to be a very good stud dog. His children  have won such titles as: Int.Ch, champion of Poland and other countries, Winner of the World and Vice Winner of the World and many , many other. At present, the biggest number of Polish champions in the history of this breed comes from CZEKAN /see the Book of Champions 2000 written by Barbara Larska/. There are 21 Ch.PL and 2Youth Ch. /those which did not complete the “adult” titles/ and the next one in a line -  Int.Ch.Ch.Pl, Ch.CS, Winner of Europe 90, Winner of Club 93 AMAL z Banciarni has 11 “adult” champions and two youth champions among his children. Even last year, several years after Chekan had died, I had a pleasure to watch his winning children at the shows; for example NIKA Moscic – Winner of Poland, Int.Ch, Ch.Pl, Youth Ch. and Youth Ch. Syrius BALIA and my WATRA winning triumphantly in the veteran class . Right now I can often see next generations that have CZEKAN as a grandfather, grand grandfather and great  grandfather. There are many of them and I always look for the similarities to the prototype. The pedigrees of Polish Lowland Sheepdogs have become “full of CZEKAN

october 2001