Int.Ch.,Ch.Pl, Jun.Ch.Pl, Win.EU'03, Win.PL'03, Club Win.'05 RADOSNA Blusałka 

Born: 13.12.2000
Int.Ch, Ch.PL, World Win. PREMIER Oligarchia FCI
Int.Ch, Ch.PL, Jun.Ch.PL HERBATKA Mościc  
Breeder: Ewa Dobrzyńska
Owner: Regina Szyszkowska



   I belong to the family although I do not have the word „Moscic” in my name. I am a granddaughter of WATRA and my Mistress acknowledged me as theirs. They call me MOJA SLICZNA and I gave them my heart and I do not want to have another home! This is me:

    RADOSNA w Warszawie  RADOSNA w Warszawie

My photo session on 19.06.2004



I became Club Winner of the Year 2005!


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