The Polish Lowland  Sheepdog and the kennel  "MOŚCIC"

 Since I can remember there have always been a dog and sometimes a cat in my house. The dogs were mongrels, the cats – roof lovers. We never had more than one of each kind, this is probably why, the model  I established in my dreams was: one dog and one cat.

It looked as if my dreams about the full family /with a dog and a cat/  were going to come true. When I got married, my parents gave me a German shepherd puppy, when I graduated from the University /it was a bitch Asta/, my daughter was born, someone gave us a cat /Szpaczek/ and we lived together for more than ten years – till Asma died. The death of my beloved, faithful and wise Asta was the end of life without the shows /we have never had her pedigree issued/. We started to look for a proper breed for us. It couldn’t be a German shepherd because of the size and because they shed the hair. After having read some  literature on dogs / not very much was available then, many thanks to Mr Lubomir Smyczynski  for his book/ we decided upon the Polish lowland sheepdog. We were looking for the puppy of this breed for two years and finally Harda z Dobieszowic came to our home as a second dog /the first one was a greyhound, which turned to be a cat in the dog’s skin and I prefer dogs as dogs and cats as cats/. This was the end of a dream about one dog in a house. If you have one dog why can’t you have three? Four? Etc. The greyhound proved to be a great mistake  /mainly because of the character/ but HARDA seemed to be a perfect choice. But it was a greyhound that showed us the pleasure of showing – she taught us the joy of winning. We had to say good bye to the greyhound Asunta, though /there were too many animals to hunt for in the village so she went to live in the town, where she was not tempted so much/ and suddenly we understood that one , polite, well brought up PON was too little for us. So we bought another PON bitch – JEDYNA z Henrykowa. JEDYNA – at home called ZADRA – was the contradiction to the well balanced Harda and she required intensive training in contacts with strangers and other dogs. I spent my free time at courses and at the shepherd dogs’ rings as an assistant of the judges / a child, home and job kept me very busy/  and as a result my two bitches took part only in a few shows. We still have some medals they won,  their pedigrees and their registrations as breeding bitches.

And here the proper history of “Moscic” starts. Although the nickname was registered in 1981, the first puppies were born two years later of parents: HARDA and LUPO z Zeriby /litter B – 3 puppies/. None of them was shown.

The next one was the litter “C” also of HARDA and Champion of Poland /Ch.PL/ IGOR z Zeriby: CZABAN, CZEKAN, CZUBAJKA, CZATA. CZATA became a field-vole and hunted rabbits.  CZUBAJKA ended up in Germany where she was saved from death by Iwona Frank /I will always be grateful to her for that/ .CZABAN was showed several times, became a stud dog and had his name written in some pedigrees. CZEKAN was not sold at the proper age and stayed at the kennel. He was  our winning lottery ticket. He inherited the best features from his parents. As far as his character was concerned he was the best dog I could ever imagine. To describe his beauty … one must look at the shows results: International Champion /Int.Ch/, Ch.Pl, Ch.CS, 2x Youth Winner /Ch.ML/, 25xCWC, 4xCAC, 8xCACIB, 2x resCACIB, 3xBIS, 15xBOB, v-ce Winner of the World, 2x Seniors BIS,Breeding Couples BIS/ with daughter WATRA/, the Best Stud Dog at the Club’s Shows 1990 and 1993, The Best of Polish Breeds – all the titles were awarded to him at 41 shows, at times when the dogs were not compared within the group, when international shows were held twice or three times a year in Poland and there were more PONs at the rings than today.

 CZEKAN is also one of the great stud dogs. The international judge Miroslaw Redlicki wrote in his general evaluation: “A very good dog in the type, valuable stud dog, should be used in breeding as often as possible”. Mr Redlicki foresaw CZEKAN’s fortune. It was in 1985 when the dog was one and a half years old. Among CZEKAN’s children  there are  winners of the following titles: the Winner of the World, v-ce Winner of the World, Club’s Winner, 21 Ch.PL /see “The Book of Champions” – the biggest number of Polish champions in the history of the breed/, 9Int.Ch., 7 champions of other countries. These are the titles that I know about and there are probably more that I haven’t been informed about. In our kennel we have two of wonderful CZEKAN’s children: Int.Ch, CH.PL. CH.CS, WATRA z Ameliowki /daughter of Ch DUGA JAGA z Kordegardy/ and Int.Ch, Ch,PL, the Winner of the Club KRASKA Moscic.

 The next one was the “F” litter and the children of CZEKAN and JEDYNA z Henrykowa. Only one bitch from this litter was shown – FRYGA Moscic – Ch.PL, The Winner of the Club /4 puppies/

“G” -  /6, 4/2/ - not shown

“Z” -  /4, 2/2/ - shown: Ch.PL ZGAGA Moscic, and without significant success but with an excellent note – ZADRA

“J” - /3, 2/1/ -  - JURTA /3x excellent

"K" -  (sire: CZEKAN, dam: WATRA 5, 2/3   ) - KRASKA left in the kennel -  IntCh, ChPl and KRAKUS 2x excellent 

"L” - /s: CZEKAN, d: ZWINKA Moscic z Ameliowki / - /5  2/3/ shown: LUBASZKA WIGA  Moscic – Youth Ch., Ch.PL, mother of Int.Ch.Pl, Youth Ch. ROKI MOSCIC Agajax /the stud dog living in the kennel Moscic/, LIDER – the well known stud dog but rarely  shown.  

"M” - / f: Int.Ch., Ch.PL AMAL z Banciarni, m: WATRA / -/ 5,  1/4/ - all the puppies went abroad and we did not hear much about them ]

“N” - /f: CZEKAN, m:ZWINKA MOSCIC z Ameliowki/ - /4, 0/4/ - shown: NIKA – Int.Ch, Ch.PL. Ch.ML, Winner of Poland, NORKA – very successful in the USA

“H” -  /f: Int.Ch., Ch.PL, Youth Ch, Youth Winner of the World, Winner of the Club FURMAN Konkury, m: WATRA / - /4, 2/2/ - showed: HEROS – Ch.USA, lives and is used as a stud in the USA, HERBATKA – Ch.PL, Youth Ch., Youth Winner of the Club, Int.Ch /being registered right now/

“O” - /f: Ch.PL MAESTRO Misiura, m: ZWINKA - /8, 5/3/ - shown: OGLADA – a bitch shown 3 or 4 times, usually 2nd or 3rd  which made the owners very disappointed and they gave up showing her, OGNIK – a dog left in our kennel: 10x Winner of Youth, 8xCACIB, 8xCWC, 2xCAC, 3x resCACIB, Junior BIS, 5xBOB which gave him the following titles: Youth Ch, Ch.PL and Int.Ch. I have been waiting several months for the registration of the last title, but the Hungarian people are never in a hurry / Hungary was the third country where OGNIK received CACIB after one year since the first one was awarded to him/

“P” - / f: Int.Ch, Ch.PL, Youth Ch. ROKI MOSCIC Agajax, m: Int.Ch, Ch.PL, ChCS WATRA z Ameliowki - /3, 1/2/ - from this litter we kept PERLA  Moscic in the kennel – a beautiful, charming and very nice bitch: Youth Ch, Ch.PL, 3xCACIB, 3x resCACIB, 4x Youth Winner, 6xCWC, 2xCAC, 3xBOB.The remaining ones: POKER and PETRA when shown for the first time in the youth class received the Youth Winner titles, and when shown for the second time in the open class, POKER received CWC and PETRA was the second.

“S”  - /f: OGNIK Moscic, m: WATRA / - SYNEK OGNIA is 5 months old and we will see what he will be like in future.

At present, at our home there are 7 PONs living with us. They are: WATRA z Ameliowki, ZWINKA MOSCIC z Ameliowki /only 1x Youth Winner, 1xCWC – not shown much because of the motion sickness/, KRASKA Moscic, ROKI MOSCIC Agajax – the grandson of ZWINKA, OGNIK Moscic, PERLA Moscic and the youngest one, 11 months old granddaughter of WATRA – RADOSNA Blusalka /f: Int.Ch, Ch.PL, Winner of the World PREMIER Oligarchia, m: Int.Ch, Ch.Pl, Youth Ch. HERBATKA  Moscic/ at home called MOJA /already Youth Ch./. These seven dogs have: 4x Int.Ch, 5xCh.PL, 4xYouth Ch., many CACIBs /WATRA alone has 11/, CWC etc.

Since the kennel started to exist there have been 59 puppies born in 14 litters. All the breeding bitches and the stud dogs are free of displasia and they give healthy and nice puppies. I am looking forward to the first breeding and first children of sweet and wise PERELKA.

I love my dogs and the whole breed and I also have many warm feelings towards all the PON breeders and lovers. I am always ready to share my experience with others. You are more than welcome to visit our kennel not only to buy puppies or use our dogs as studs.  


october 2001